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cylinder shim set .030" for 94mm bug cylinders Empi

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cylinder shim set of 4 .030".
For 94mm bug cylinders. Set your deck with these. The more shims you add, the lower your compression ratio.
Made in Taiwan for Empi
Because of the manufacturing process used in making these shims, they may not be exactly the dimension as stated. Doghouse and Empi have no control over any discrepancies there may be. These sets are close enough for the vast majority of users, so Doghouse does not accept any returns for them.

This engine builders note: I recommend the .040 thick copper racing head gasket over this .030 thick steel cylinder base shim. Bring the piston as far up in the cylinder as you can and get your clearance in the combustion chamber by doing this. The more combustion process that takes place in the combustion chamber NOT in the cylinder, adds free horsepower.
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