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Doghouse Repair (hereinafter, Doghouse) takes phone orders. Those orders are done in agreement with the following terms and conditions. If you want to place an order and can't do it by phone or with a United States issued credit card, please see the Check for order instructions.

(1) If you made a purchase from us but you didn't get a confirmation e-mail saying so, your order did NOT get processed or you provided an incorrect e-mail to send your receipt to. Your screen will have, immediately upon failure of your order, displayed a failure message explaining the failure. Try again, to place your order, following the directions or information in that message. Once you get a confirmation e-mail, you'll know your order processed correctly.

(2A) Your purchase is complete only after you've received either our confirmation e-mail and your online receipt. If you then request to cancel or downsize the order, we will gladly issue a refund, less 3% for downsizing your order or 10% for cancelling your order. The fee (3% or 10%) will only be charged if the request is untimely. Untimely is quite simply, after the bank has processed the sale. However, once your order is in shipment, either to us for you or from us to you, we will not cancel or change it, without charging you for related handling & shipping costs.
(2B) Once your order has been labeled for shipment (examples: UPS shipping label or USPS postage) it is considered 'ship ready'. Once your order is 'ship ready' no further changes will be made to that order.
(2C) When placing an order for an out of stock* item, that, is considered a special order, and will not be refundable, if we've already placed the order with our supplier, for you, prior to your canceling.
*examples of how we indicate an item is out of stock are:
The item Availability is NOT listed as: In Stock
The item Availability contains a phrase similar to this one: "Ships in 1-3 business days."

(3) Many of our ads contain verbiage copied from our suppliers ads for their product. Our suppliers frequently change their ads verbiage without notice. We have no control over those changes until it's brought to our attention. As such we will not be responsible if the ad makes a statement or claim that is not correct. Once notified of an error, we will immediately correct our ad.

(4A) We ship by UPS and USPS Priority Mail & USPS First Class Mail, all reputable sources of delivery, we will believe your package was delivered to the address we were given. It's your responsibility to receive the package. Regarding deliveries: the above circumstance includes any specific instructions you give us, such as "leave by the garage door". Therefore, there will be no refunds or credits issued if you say you did not actually get your package.
(4B) It's your responsibility to carefully unpack the order so that you don't discard product that may be hidden by our packing material or process. Our processing / pulling / packing steps have safeguards to insure you get what you ordered. We won't be responsible for items you have thrown away with packing material.
(4C) To "Drop Ship" your order, IF possible, is $30 extra.
(4D) Telling us that you want "signature required" on your order will cost extra. You agree to let Doghouse charge you the additional fee.
(4E) We will ship to P.O. boxes, by US Postal Priority Mail or First Class Mail only.
(4F) Any TRUCK shipment (not UPS), must be confirmed before it is shipped. We'll communicate with you through the information you gave us in the order. For TRUCK shipments, you must confirm the TRUCK shipping information and items to ship, before we'll send the order.
(4G) There is no way to know who really signs for your order, since ID verification is not required on these types of delivery. Therefore the responsibility of who signs for it, is yours.

[p](5) Be certain of the address you give us. If our shipper charges us an address correction fee, you agree to let Doghouse charge you the additional fees incurred by the correction.

(6A) Due to the rising costs of freight, labor, production and our supplier's price structures, Doghouse reserves the right to change prices without notice. We try our hardest to insure that when a product is out of stock, it is indicated in the ad. Sometimes, though, the product may not be in stock & immediately shippable, due to sales taking place while you are in the process of completing your purchase.

(7) Doghouse reserves the right to:
1) Withhold shipment of your order if you have made an error in or regarding that order (which increases the price of that order) until such time as you have e-mailed Doghouse a response to our having phoned or e-mail alerted you of the error.
2) Substitute items of equal or better value and quality on all orders.
3) Remove your chosen items from their original packaging so that we may pack your order to fit more easily in the shipping box.

(8A) Due to the nature of high performance applications, the parts in this site are sold without any express or implied warranty of merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose. This is due to our (Doghouse & our suppliers) lack of control of how the parts will be installed, the conditions they will be used in or the application. Time is not necessarily of consequence. However, the parts are designed by their manufacturer & sold by the respective suppliers for specific intended purposes, described in each part's ad.
(8B) If you decide that the part you are interested in can also be used for something other than what that item's ad represents, that decision is up to you & is not supported by Doghouse or our suppliers.
(8C) Pictures on this site are for you to enjoy. We'd like you to be able to see your dream part. However, the likeness depicted may differ from the product.

(9A) Every effort is taken to ensure that the reconditioned parts we offer are as good as money will allow them to be, however, ultimately, they are used and as such will have no warranty.
(9B) Any product purchased from our Classifieds section, or elsewhere in the site, sold as reconditioned or used, will have no warranty, and is not returnable.
(9C) Additionally, any carburetor, new or used, alone or in kit form, installed or not, sold on this site is sold without warranty, and is not returnable.

(10) If you don't want to, or can't use, a United States issued credit card, click on the Check for order instructions link & follow the directions.



(13) Ads on this site containing statements related to the country of origin of the product represented may be in error. Those statements are based on information given to Doghouse by our suppliers and can change without notice. Our supplier's change where they buy product as they see fit and Doghouse has no control over that nor will Doghouse be held liable for it.

(14) Sheet metal, Fiberglass & Exhausts: Despite our best efforts, sheet metal parts (fenders, hoods, deck lids, floor pans, body panels) and fiberglass parts, may suffer minor, surface scratches or dings during handling, packing or shipping.
Scratches in the rust preventative coating (not considered primer) and minor dings are not unusual and cannot be prevented.
These flaws are easily repaired and sheet metal parts with these minor defects are not considered to be damaged product.
Regarding Fiberglass components on our site: All parts made of fiberglass are NOT perfect and may require your manipulation to make them fit your application. This is not to be considered a defect.
Regarding Exhausts, exhaust systems or exhaust pipes: Due to the processes that exhausts are put through during manufacturing, handling, packing & shipping, before they ever reach Doghouse, we will not be responsible for any imperfections found in any exhaust pipe or exhaust system.

(15) What you should be prepared for if a product needs to be returned:
Should your order be deficient in any way, the original purchaser must E-Mail us, with specific details, within 10 days of the purchase. We will respond quickly with instructions and a return authorization code (RAC) if applicable. RAC's are given only through e-mail requests for record-keeping purposes.
Electrical items, Carburetors and special order items (see 2C) are not returnable.
Non-Defective product returns (such as gifts or unused purchases) within 10 days of the purchase must be IN original packaging, unused, not installed and clean as to be in salable condition. ALL product returns are subject to inspection, which may take 7 to 21 days. A restocking fee of 20% (of the product returned value) may be applied to your return. Any product except those referenced in 9B, 9C, 15D, 15E & any items shipped by TRUCK, may be returned for merchandise credit only within 10 days of the purchase. There are no returns for any TRUCK shipped items.
(15A) The returned item must be in its original packaging (if applicable). Items removed from their packaging will require repackaging (if applicable). A fee of $3.00 will apply. Pack carefully to avoid damage. Doghouse is not responsible for loss or damage due to your improper packing.
(15B) Return the item to Doghouse, freight prepaid. Doghouse is not responsible for freight charges for or due to your return, unless the return is due to a Doghouse error such as incorrect packing by part or quantity.

To ship or mail to us (once you have an RAC) by UPS, FedEx, or US Mail, send to:
Doghouse Repair, 1371 W. Basin Ave, Pahrump, NV 89060-4513

COD or Freight Collect returns are not accepted. Doghouse will refund the return shipping charges at regular ground charges only, if the return is due to a Doghouse error. We recommend you insure the package for its full value in case of damage or loss. The RAC must be clearly visible on the outside of the package. Packages returned without an RAC may not be accepted. Packages that are accepted without an RAC will take longer than normal to process and will incur an additional research fee of 10% of the product value. Packages that are returned beyond the stated 10 day period will incur an additional 10% late return fee.
(15C) Defective items will be replaced per our supplier's warranty for that particular product, if any warranty exists. Products used for Racing, Competition, or Off-Road have no warranty. All care is taken when shipping anything with glass; however, Doghouse will not be responsible for broken glass under any circumstances.
(15D) Any items, which have been installed, cut, painted or otherwise modified in any way, are not eligible for a credit.
(15E) Personalized items are not returnable. Special ordered items (items not stocked & ordered just for you) may be returned, but will be subject to freight charges back to the supplier they came from. Those charges will be deducted from any credit balance. Any Electrical items, Any Books, Any Carburetors, Any Wheel Adapters and Any products sold as used or close out, are not returnable.
(15F) In all events seller liability is limited to replacement of the merchandise or the invoice value of material found/deemed to be defective. Shop/labor costs for removal, installation or damage resulting from delay or loss of use in service or repair or for incidental or consequential damages or any other costs are not included.

(16) Claims and Shortages:
All shipments should be visually inspected for package damage prior to the signing (where applicable) of your acceptance. Where there is package damage, there may be product damage. Make the shipper/ carrier aware immediately & immediately inspect for product damage. If damages or shortages are found after the package is unpacked, you must immediately notify Doghouse by E-Mail. Phoned in reports of a claim will not be accepted. E-mail is required for a record of date, time & content. Notify Doghouse of any product shortages immediately, by E-Mail.
(16A) It's your responsibility to carefully unpack the order so that you don't discard product that may be hidden by our packing material or process. Our processing/pulling/packing steps have safeguards to insure you get what you ordered. We won't be responsible for items thrown away with packing material.

(17) Research Fees:
We send electronic receipts with every purchase to your e-mail. If for any reason you need us to send you another, we charge a $3 research fee per receipt, to send another electronic receipt, to the same e-mail. If you don't have an e-mail to send a receipt to, the fee is $3 per receipt, plus $7 postage and handling, per event.

The use of recognized manufacturers and their respective model names/numbers by Doghouse is for the sole purpose of application and description and in no way denotes their use to infer a direct connection between Doghouse or its products and those automobiles manufacturers or factories.
Caution: The products on this website which alter your engine or vehicle performance may only be legal for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway and may not comply with the requirements of your state/local laws regarding noise or emission levels. It is your responsibility to research that legality.

(19) Doghouse is not, in any way, licensed, sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with Volkswagen and the parts herein offered for sale are not genuine Volkswagen parts unless so specified.

(20) Confidential E-mail & Viruses:
E-mail from Doghouse and any files transmitted within it are intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed to, and may contain proprietary, confidential or privileged information. Any dissemination, distribution or copying of that mail, by persons other than who it is addressed to, is strictly prohibited. Though Doghouse takes precautions to try to ensure that no viruses are forwarded through e-mails, attachments or other documents or files sent from Doghouse's server, it remains your responsibility to check for viruses. Doghouse accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by Doghouse's e-mails.

(21) Refunds:
Any refund to be issued will be issued to the credit card used for the purchase. If the purchase involved free shipping or any other shipping allowance due to a special promotion, the amount of actual shipping cost Doghouse paid to ship the order to you, will be deducted from any refund amount that would otherwise be allowed on the returned item(s).

(22) Purchases are subject to the above terms and allow the purchaser certain rights. Those rights do not extend beyond the purchaser.

Doghouse Repair is a Nevada Corporation