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push rod tube 1700-2000cc late bus / T4 & 914 EmpiNew Item!

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push rod tube stock bus type 2 72-79/ T4 17-2000cc / air cooled vanagon 80-83 & 914
These are the type of tube that installs by being pushed through the rocker arm area in the head, thru the push rod tube opening in the head, and slid into the hole in the block.
These are the type that use o-rings that fit in o-ring grooves on the tube ends. These tubes are held in place inside the head with a single piece of thin wire that locks in place on the rocker stands.
These are the type that are smooth end to end. They do not have the squish accordion ends.
Silver/ Zinc

These use seals 021 109 345A or 98-98-9204-B (small, block end) & 021 109 349B or 98-9203-B (big, head end), not included.
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