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Disc brake pads set REAR fits HS Rewaco

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If your Rewaco rear caliper looks like the one shown, it will accept these new pads (yellow background pic).
2 pair (4) semi metallic brake disc pads only
100% non asbestos material
high temp friction material provides fade free performance
slotted & chamfered for maximum performance

Our pictures take you through the replacement process:
You may overflow your brake fluid reservoir - be prepared
you need:
a 13mm and a 15mm wrench and a piston rotate/push tool (example: Neiko 20733A Disc Brake Pad and Caliper Wind Back Kit 12-Piece Set), a jack and a stand

release the hand brake so the wheel turns
take the wheel off
take the caliper bolts out
lift the caliper off and discard the old pads
set aside the one metal piece that will fall out (the other is held in place by gravity)
use a 'piston rotate/push' tool to spin the piston back in
install the one metal piece and hold it in place by installing one new pad
now install the other new pad and push the caliper into position and re-install the caliper bolts
Tighten securely and re-install the rear wheel
depress the brake pedal a few times before driving again

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