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2387cc long block f/ turbo - Phil's 'Penny Pincher' - sold

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this starts with the new short block we have advertised.
From there we add:
1) standard forged pistons from Mahle, to which we add Total Seal Gapless 2nd rings
2) the Mahle cylinders had to be clearanced for the 10mm chromoly heads studs that we got from Performance Products
3) we'll use stock vw cool tins or 'bat wings' under the cylinders
4) Bugpack 3/8" cut to fit p-rods will fit inside the Scat Gold Big Mouth pushrod tubes
5) Performance Products chromoly rocker kits that are 1.25:1 will pop the valves
6) CB Perf 044 Super Mag heads with 40 x 35.5 valves, 650 dual springs (8500 rpm capable), mild porting & 63cc combustion chambers hold the 12mm spark plugs
7) Teflon buttons (end drilled) keep the wrist pins playing nice
8) old school heavy bolt on vented valve covers close it up
9) re-use a Scat solid face pulley & Empi pulley bolt
10) r&r front most studs on alt stand base with taller ones in prep for serpentine belt kit to come
11) install tall style oil deflector plate by CB Perf, inside re-used plain alt stand
12) pre-fit pistons and cylinders to read deck height & do CR math. 8.097:1 CR
13) pre-fit cool tins below cylinders
14) clean cylinders and coat with Total Seal Quik-Seat powder, position ring gaps and pre-lube rod ends and wrist pins for assembly
15) install pistons & buttons on rods
16) install Bugpack Pro-Grip clutch disc under a Kennedy stage 4 plate
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