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Calculate Compression Ratio

Part number:
Add your Head cc to your Deck cc & 1 cylinder volume cc together
divide the end result by the figure reached when adding your Head cc & Deck cc
Example -
cylinder volume example= 69mm X 90.5mm engine size = 1775/ 4 = 443.75cc

deck volume example= .060" Deck = 9.80cc

combustion chamber volume example= Head = 50.00cc

503.55cc divided by 59.80cc (head & deck)= 8.42:1 compression ratio

NOTE: if you're using cylinder head spacers, add that volume to the combustion chamber volume calculation - example a .060 thick spacer is again, 9.80cc in this example.

443.75 cyl volume
9.80 deck volume
9.80 spacer volume
50.00 head volume
513.35 divided by 69.60 (head,deck & spacer)= 7.375:1 CR
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