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mirror outside chrome left side for bug 50-67 round hinge mount type Empi

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chrome mirror left side bug 50-67, round, hinge mount type.
Made in Taiwan.
Sold by Empi.
Also known as part# 113 857 513A.

I installed one of these on a 63. The part that threads onto the hinge pin (the bottom piece in the pic) was threaded by the manufacturer at an angle so it looked like it was cross threaded when installed.
The part that the mirror slides over is brass colored and it doesn't fit right into the 1st part we mentioned until you tap its edge with a grinder.
The mirror, when slid over the brass like part is supposed to sit flat onto the 1st part - it doesn't because the manufacturer didn't make the recess cut deep enough.
We tapered the hole in the mirror and then tapered the shoulder on the 1st part to make it sit down farther. We did that so the nut (not shown in the pic, but included) that holds the mirror on actually has some threads to do it's job with.
I won't buy another one of these, when all I charge is $10 to install a mirror and it takes $80 worth of labor to make it right.
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