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brake bleeding tip

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take a clear glass & fill it part way to the top.
Put your hand over the top.
See that there's air on top of the water?
Tip the glass on it's side.
See that there's still air on top of the water?
That's what air looks like inside a brake line, on top of the fluid.
If you want to get ALL OF THE AIR OUT when bleeding your brakes you must angle your car such that the air will RISE TO THE CALIPER OR WHEEL CYLINDER.
This may mean that you have to jack the ass end of the car up in the air to make the air that could be in your lines feeding the rear brakes, RISE to the caliper or wheel cylinder.
Same for front brakes. You may have to raise the wheel that you intend to bleed the brakes on in order to get ALL the air out.

Make certain that the brake pedal push rod does not touch the piston cup inside the master cylinder when you first install the master into your car. Tighten the master down, then adjust the push rod so the brake pedal has to move a fraction of an inch before it touches the piston.

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