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distributor clamp BILLET polished aluminum bug style no timing Empi

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distributor clamp, BILLET for bug style engines not the late bus.
No timing marks on the clamp.
Beautiful aluminum billet clamp kit by Empi.

Doesn't come with instructions, so here's the skinny: I put one of these on our 2027cc engine. Very easy, I pulled the dist out, removed the chrome clamp, installed the billet clamp, I used a drain plate copper washer on the allen head bolt for squish, I used a grinder on the bottom of the adapter (which bolts to the engine block) and ground just a tad off, so the billet clamp would sit exactly flat on both the block and the adapter with the washer that is provided.
I used a drop of blue loctite and installed the threaded adapter, installed the washer, installed the distributor and clamp, used a wavy thrust washer on the clamp and then installed the supplied nylock nut. Perfect install..took 10 minutes.

We just installed another one of these on our 2332cc engine and on that one we needed to shorten the stud that was on the block for the distributor. After that the install was a snap.

Just installed on the yellow engine without any mods.
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