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German Bearings information

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We order only 2 types of bearings for our customers & our own use:
We know where the Chinese bearings are coming from.

We advertise that we sell German bearings.
We do that because we do stock & sell FAG bearings.
FAG is a German company.
FAG has several different facilities that they manufacture in.
Some are in India, some are in Korea, some may actually be in Germany.
When we order German bearings from our suppliers, we have no control over whether or not we will actually get bearings that are made in a German facility.
We have no control over whether or not the packaging will say that it was made in a country other than Germany.
We have been assured by our suppliers that when we order FAG bearings, we will get German quality bearings.
We have not been disappointed in the quality of the FAG bearings.

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