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manifold end casting set NEW Dual Port isolated kit type 1 Empi

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Buy this if you don't already have the elbows (end castings).
Manifold end casting set
NEW dual port isolated style manifold ends (or elbows) w/ stock size manifold boots, clamps, gaskets (pictured on left).
Doghouse modified elbows pictured on right.
New kit is Empi packaged.

We also have perfectly good used sets of just the manifold end castings. See part # 3236-U, for less $.

Don't forget at least 4 new nuts 8 x 1.25 pitch to hold the elbows on.
These elbows do NOT have the notch (shared style) in the bottom of them as some stock end castings do.
You can run them as they are or notch them yourself* easily if you want.

*I recently heavily modified a set of these to share more fuel with the neighbor port on an engine I built.
This particular engine needed more fuel on the #1 & #3 cylinders, but was struggling to get it with a single center mounted 44 HPMX carb and the VZ-15 cam.
The pics show a notch that is narrow as I began the modification and the other shows it at 2 7/8" deep and is 1/2" wide at the flange, tapering down to 3/8" inside the casting.
This can be accomplished with a hand drill, a variety of bits, a file and patience.
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