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block stroker aluminum case 94 Perf Prod 10 full flow/ shuffle

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ALL new Autolina blocks, no matter what supplier they come from, will require special prep work prior to building on.

This is an all new, Auto Linea factory vw block. An all new high performance case produced from the factory with all the features you could want already built in. These features include the following:
Pentroof design reinforced top of case
clearanced for up to 86 stroke.

Large oil pickup
our supplier says the inside is ported & smoothed for better oil flow
already cast solid behind #3 cylinder.
deep #3 stud case saver for the top left hole.
drilled and tapped for full flow oil filtering.
main oil galley drilled and tapped for easy clean out.
shuffle pins installed on center main saddles.
10mm case savers (may be supplied loose, for you to install).
ready for 94mm jugs.

On some Autolina blocks, the oil pump pickup tube IS NOT CENTERED in the drain opening. This will make it very difficult to install an oil screen. Modification will be needed to make the tube line up with any vw style oil screen.
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