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carb kit dual 40 deluxe for type 1 engines (chrome) Gen 3 HPMX

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Empi's HPMX carburetors are some of the best in the industry. In a head-to-head comparison, the HPMX was able to match and even surpass the performance of their Weber counterparts. Best of all, the HPMX is fully compatible with all IDF components, such as jets, emulsion tubes, etc. Empi tests and adjusts each and every one of their carburetors at their Anaheim facility prior to shipping.

This HPMX dual 40 deluxe Gen 3 carburetor kit comes with the following:
  • Mated carburetors set up in a left and right configuration
  • Enrichment circuit eliminated (no more blanking plate)
  • Chrome velocity stacks
  • Chrome air cleaners with high flow gauze elements
  • Ball burnished offset aluminum intake manifolds
  • Heavy duty manifold castings with large intake port area for easy, no welding port work
  • Aluminum alloy hex bar linkage
  • Coil relocation bracket
  • Fuel tee, fuel filter, and fuel line
  • All the gaskets and hardware needed to bolt the kit to your engine
  • Detailed instructions on how it all goes together
ships in a box 31 x 11 x 8 @ 23 pounds

The carburetors are configured as follows:
  • .52 idle jets
  • .115 main jets
  • .200 air jets
  • 28mm venturi
  • .550 exhaust pump jets
  • .50 accelerator pump jets
  • F-11 emulsion tubes
Pictured install is on a Scat 1776. Assembled the carb kit 'in car'. Removed left and right side firewall materials. Installed manifolds. Drilled 1/2" access holes for mixture screws and idle jets through the firewalls. Installed carbs and fuel lines. Started engine & calibrated carbs at idle with synchronizer. Installed linkages. Ran engine through paces, let idle and adjusted mixture screws to lean best idle speed. Used synchronizer during idle speed slow down adjustment. Done!

You might also be interested in the Empi HPMX dual 40 deluxe carburetor kit (47-9317), which includes polished billet aluminum air cleaner bases with built-in crossbar support.

Any carburetor, new or used, alone or in kit form, installed or not, sold on this site is sold without warranty, and is not returnable
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