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turn signal assembly FRONT fits RF, FX & HS Rewacos

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Seen on our RF1, at the end of the light bar.
Sold each
Comes with body, lens & bulb
Shipping from Germany to us is added to the price.

If your assembly is on an older Rewaco & it looks different, you should buy 2 of these, since the older version is no longer available.
Not eligible for free shipping promotions

Price disclosure notice regarding parts ordered from Germany.

Germany uses the Euro for currency. It's value fluctuates, changing it's value in relationship to our dollar in the US.

This means the price you see in this ad WILL BE SLIGHTLY LESS than you are going to ultimately be charged. Here's why:

After your order is received, calculations will be done to adjust the cost to you based upon the charges we incurred to get your part. The additional monies will be added to your cards previous charge. You agree to this by purchasing this part.
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