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Luggage rack for RF1-LT2's & RF1-ST's Rewaco

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We installed this stainless steel rack on our 2013 Rewaco RF1-LT2.
Assembly onto an ST with the spoiler is possible, says Rewaco.
Measures 12 x 27 (at it's widest)

It came with the hardware shown, which is very much needed.
If you don't have a tiny set of dowel centers (big ones shown), you'll need to make a template.
I made one for the RF1-LT2 (I'm offering a replica for $15 plus shipping....search template) and it's shown here.
After positioning it with magic tape and taking many measurements, I fastened it down with more tape and began drilling with a tiny drill bit to locate the center of the holes for the 'legs' of the rack.
Once those holes are drilled through the top of the lid, you must drill through the inside of the lid also.
Now, you change bits and use a 5/16" bit to drill the holes. If your 'legs' are straight, that's all you'll need for the top of the lid. Our 'legs' weren't straight, so we ended up using a 3/8" bit to get the holes aligned so the bolts could go through.
After drilling the top of the lid, now you must drill the inside of the lid with a 3/4" bit. This allows the rubber sealing washers to fit through the hole.
Wear long sleeves and gloves and a face mask to prevent getting fiberglas on you and in you!
Trial fit.
Remove the rack and blow off the residual fiberglas and vacuum out the holes you drilled (while blowing compressed air into the holes you drilled) to keep loose fiberglas from falling out and all over your luggage someday.
Install the rack and secure it after checking your measurements.
Go show it off.

Comes from Germany, so the extraordinary shipping cost ($161) is in our price.
Not eligible for free shipping. We will charge you for shipping it from Doghouse to you.

Price disclosure notice regarding parts ordered from Germany.

Germany uses the Euro for currency. It's value fluctuates, changing it's value in relationship to our dollar in the US.

This means the price you see in this ad WILL BE SLIGHTLY LESS than you are going to ultimately be charged.

How this affects you:
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