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Disc brake rotor FRONT & FLAT HS, FX & RF styles rewaco

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This is for one NEW stainless steel FLAT front disc brake rotor.

Requires our kit # 409220-97361 to install where the early style rotor was.

FITS FRONT ENDS FROM 4-2008 ON TO CURRENT or with the bolt pattern shown in the first two pictures

234mm diameter
bolt holes on 30mm centers (1 3/16")

These are 5.1mm thick new

Different used installed ones are shown in the last 2 pics.
The rotor being sold is the one in the first pic.
Pictured, are an early solid rotor on an early Rewaco girder (2002) front end, a later drilled rotor on the much larger tube front end (a 2006) and another on our 2013 RF.

These only come from Germany and shipping is expensive. Part of that cost is in our price.

Not eligible for free shipping. We will charge you the shipping from Doghouse to you (minimal cost).

Previously, the rotor was known as 0501002 (shown in our pics with a black center area), now discontinued and no longer available.

This is not eligible for free shipping. We may contact you after it's been packaged for shipping to you, with a minimal shipping cost.

Price disclosure notice regarding parts ordered from Germany.

Germany uses the Euro for currency. It's value fluctuates, changing it's value in relationship to our dollar in the US.

This means the price you see in this ad WILL BE SLIGHTLY LESS than you are going to ultimately be charged. here's why:
After your order is received, calculations will be done to adjust the cost to you based upon the charges we incurred to get your part. The additional monies will be added to your cards previous charge. You agree to this by purchasing this part.
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