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valve spring & retainer removal tool for 'IN CAR' repair Type 1 Empi

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Old style tool shown.

You have just bought a set of new valve spring retainers for your air cooled vw engine.
You don't want to have to pull the engine and then the head to use your bench assembly tool to do the work to install them.
This tool enables you to swap out the retainers with your new ones, with the engine still in the car.
Sure you may have to remove your aftermarket exhaust pipe that passes right by the valve cover, but other than that, it's not that hard.
A trick that Doghouse uses:
bring the piston for those valves/springs affected, up to tdc.
carefully position the tool so as NOT to move the valve when compressing and replacing the retainer.
With the piston up at tdc, you have no fear of the valve falling into the combustion chamber. I have NEVER used air to keep the valve up.
Works with single or dual springs.

Pics are of a spring swap out job on a sandrail engine using a similar tool.
The #1 ex springs were both broken.
Upon closer examination, we discovered that the inner spring on #1 intake was also broken.
We swapped out all 4 sets of springs in this one head.
The job took 1 hour

Many tools can be used and they don't show any signs. For that reason: Tools sold on our site are not returnable for any reason.
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