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Our English Bulldogs. Kudo's to Dogfoodadvisor.com. Now Wrinkles & Bear have a video on YouTube. Bear also has his solo debut video.

Wrinkles and Phil asleep after a long day Wrinkles is so cozy in her bed Wrinkles sleeping on the floor Wrinkles sleeping on her back Wrinkles has a bed, but isn't sure she wants to use it Wrinkles at Dumont Wrinkles isn't quite sure what to make of the snow Wrinkles posing for the camera Wrinkles is seeing what snow tastes like Wrinkles found a nice cozy chair to sleep on at Dumont Wrinkles has claimed this spot as her own Wrinkles proving that she can sleep anywhere Wrinkles just relaxing in her pool Wrinkles has triumphed over the mighty t-rex Wrinkles has never seen a bone quite this large before Wrinkles trying to cool off on a hot day Wrinkles and Tiger resting after a long day of playing Tiger is curious about the camera, but Wrinkles just wants to keep playing Tiger found something to chew on, so Wrinkles decides to nap Wrinkles is so pampered sometimes Wrinkles is an expert at hiding Wrinkles is just trying to keep warm while napping Bear, just sitting there Bear looking kind of tired Bear wants some attention Bear relaxing in the back yard Bear asleep in front of the shop Bear hiding behind the counter, trying to look innocent Bear found a nice cozy pillow to rest his head on Everyone wants the rope Bear and Wrinkles are all played out Bear and Wrinkles napping side by side Everyone is playing in the pool